Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I know, I know

I know it's been a while since I have been around. For the few that might care (you know who you are - JJ ;-) I have been going through a huge upheaval in my life and find myself in new living conditions. In other words, I'm single again.

Anyway, I am going to make an effort to keep up with this damn blog much better than before. However, be forwarned, you never know what you might get when you check out my blog.

Hope all had a great Thanksgiving and since I missed stating it, a most humble and reflective Veterans Day.

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I'll be back soon, so check back when you can...

Friday, March 17, 2006

For all of those that are whining...take a look at the real numbers!

Who is Killing Iraqis?

The Real 2006'Iraq Body Count'


Seems to me that people need to get their facts straight and recognize who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. Actually, if you really get down to it if these IDIOTS would quit terrorizing and killing people, then we could bring our troops home much quicker. Put pressure on the real bad guys and quit trying to vilify the US. If you want to really make a difference...find a way to stop terrorists and the bullshit extremism they spout. Until then, quit whining about things you are only speculating about.

Fundamental Differences

OK. So in doing a little research and having been disgusted enough to actually care, I stumbled upon a reality that most Americans will never really get without some persitant assistance. What I am talking about is the difference between 'radical islam' and the rest of the world.

Now I know that when I say the 'rest of the world' most people may doubt such an all encompassing statement, but I dare anyone to find a religion taught with such deep seeded hatred and agression as this one. Most every religion is one of acceptance, tolerance, caring, respect, compassion, etc, etc. The jihad of islam is no such belief.

The prophet Muhammad preached, acted out, taught and insisted upon violence, rape, intolerance and aggression. Therefore the rest of the world must realize that because of centuries of these teachings, there will be a major disfunction within the basic belief and teachings of this 'prophet'.

Basically this man decided (many years ago) that doing what he wanted and acting like a complete ass was justified as long as he prayed about it. What is really disturbing is that generations of people have been taught and made to believe that they too should act in kind. What in the hell gives them the right to kill, rape, pillage, behead, commit acts of terror or blow people up...just because some militant, self-absorbed psychopath writes it down in a book and says so. What idiots! I have some damn swamp land in the North Pole that I think they all might be interested in time-sharing.

Now if you really get right down to it...the biggest reason why these assholes get away with this, is because the rest of the world sits back and says that we have to respect their right to believe however they choose. You know what? NO WE DON'T! Newsflash! They need to first respect the fact that not everyone believes the way they do and that the majority of the world will never believe the way they do, therefore they need to learn tolerance. When they stop scheming up ways to blow me up...only then will I learn to tolerate their self-righteous arrogance.

As far as I am concerned, they can believe whatever they want...just don't judge me for what I believe and don't you dare try to kill me because of it. I have news for you extremists...if you think you are going to intimidate me or my friends because you are have no clue about what makes us tick...let me give you a hint...we all realize we have a mind of our own and that we can actually think on our own. Holy shit...there's a novel idea...actually think for your self! ...pretty much what the good 'ole US was founded on.

Basically my message is this...quit being mindless sheep that walk off the edge of cliffs because you are too stupid or ignorant to do any different and stop to think for yourself. Dare to be different...dare to think...dare to be someone who can actually make a positive difference in this world. You might find that you actually enjoy your life enough to quit being walking landmines.

Oh and if you really are that angry at the world for not believing as you do...then please just blow your damn self up and not innocent people who actually enjoy living. Hell, blow all of your twisted friends up if you really feel the need to take someone with you. We are not interested in your problems or your whining, sniveling complaints of how things are unjust. Try actually living your lives instead of thinking up cruel and painful ways of how to abruptly end it.

Do something good with the short lives you have...then I will tolerate you and your beliefs...until then...f@*k off.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Politicians finally do something worth noting...

This story was issued by the Associated Press via Yahoo News:

ATLANTA - Jane Fonda's 1972 trip to North Vietnam is haunting her again. The Georgia Senate on Thursday nearly unanimously defeated a resolution that would have honored the actress' charity work in the state.

The Democratic sponsor had tried to withdraw the resolution after a rocky reception from colleagues and a phone call from Fonda's office, but a Republican leader forced a vote, saying members of his caucus wanted to go on record against it.

Fonda, who is out of the country, had asked for the resolution to be withdrawn to avoid the controversy, said the sponsor, Sen. Steen Miles of suburban Atlanta.

The effort was defeated 38-1, with even Miles voting against it.

The resolution cited the Atlanta resident's work as founder of the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, donations to universities and charities, and role as goodwill ambassador for the United Nations.

But Fonda's political activities protesting the Vietnam War, including a trip to North Vietnam in 1972, have long made her a target of veterans.

"I can think of no living American who is less worthy of this honor," Republican Sen. John Douglas declared. "She is as guilty of treason as Benedict Arnold and Tokyo Rose."

Miles argued that Fonda's good works should outweigh the negatives.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I have a very simple question

Why are people being killed over a cartoon? Is anyone besides me finding this a bit "extreme"? I would say that those are some people in dire need of mental help.

This actually gives me an idea though. From now on, anytime anyone does something I don't like, I am going to take days off from work at a time and spend each day in the streets, yelling, holding up signs, breaking shit and being a nuisance to everyone in the world. How do you think that would go over? Would I get international sympathy just because I was so passionate about whatever hair happened to be up my ass? Would I be allowed to just run wild in the streets doing whatever I felt like, because someone somewhere in the world did something I didn't like? Yeah, not likely. I would be burried under the jail for such stupidity. So why is this behaviour tolerated? Why is it allowed to go on? These people make complete idiots of themselves and the whole world watches and thinks, "...well, they must right, look how upset they are." Pfffss...

My point is that people get their feelings hurt every single day. However, just stop and consider that just maybe the fact that you are the type that would kill a person for opposing your view is the same reason that people are drawing cartoons in reference to you. Learn some civility and understand that there are virtues that every person should aspire to live by. In case you are not familiar with what that means, I can give you a little starter list. Remember them and every time you get the urge to bludgeon someone to death because they don't agree with your views, take a deep breath and remember to live your life embodying the following: benevolence, valor, making the right decisions, respect, honesty, loyalty and honor. They all go can't have one without the others and you can't have some without all. These fall across the bounds of any religion and any belief.

That is all...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What the Hell is Wrong With People?

People whine way too much. They whine about what they don't have, whine about what they do have, whine about what other people have...whine, whine, whine.

Is it obvious I am venting? Well, I am.

Anyway, this is my first official entry to my blog so I hope that I can come up with intelligent (sometimes) proze and keep the humor flowing.

Feel free to add your comments, the only thing I ask is that you please be respectful!